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About Us

Our team of engineers working on providing you, our customers, wireless transmission of information technology, which allows you to manage, configure, control and communication with intelligent network devices.

Our devices for wireless technology solutions for M2M (Machine-to-Machine), provide wide opportunities for remote access, connectivity and control of many environment parameters and condition of monitored equipment. Our M2M solutions allow companies to reduce time and cost of access to information necessary for optimal management of mobile infrastructure.

Our scope of activities includes the development and implementation of projects to adapt to the client application and the production of finished M2M devices. Our engineers have extensive knowledge of IT technology include:
  • Telecommunications via various media - HSDPA, EDGE, PLMN, VoiP, VPN, WiFi, MiWi, ZigBee
  • Microprocessor systems based on the latest technologies in the industry, ie Cortex-M3/M0, ARM7/9/11, Virtex6, PSioC
  • Automatic pursued classical solutions, as well as with the use of neural networks, or supported by genetic programming
  • Compact and diffuse network computing systems, in accordance with the standards of ISO/IEC 27033
  • Cryptography at best technologies, ie AES, TDES, KeeLoq
We hope that future projects conducted by our team of R&D, created for our customers, will find application in your bussines.
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